Data & Analytics.

We help mid-size clients to international companies leverage the power of their data & analytics to drive decision making and optimize their marketing activities. 

Our team has a background in data analytics and psychology with technical expertise ranging from analytics implementation to developing dashboards that serve reliable and secure insights to the different stakeholders of your company.

We ensure that your data is collected accurately, we look for relevant insights into your customers’ behavior, and we deliver this information through custom applications that directly interact with your digital marketing campaigns. If that’s not giving you a decisive competitive advantage, what is?

If you are looking for. . .

A collaborative process

We empower our clients and they participate fully in the strategy and management of their campaigns.

A growth hacking mindset

Test, learn and iterate. We have no preconceived ideas, we test and let the data speak for itself.

A drive towards performance

Everything can be optimized. We are relentless and we never stop looking for a better performance.

Analytics Setup
Data Science
Data Visualization

We're a Google Leading Agency - and it matters.

comtogether is proud to be an official Premier Google Partner agency and part of a handful of companies to receive the Google Leading Agencies accreditation for achieving outstanding results for their clients year after year.

Our experts have an extensive experience, and are certified in Google Analytics.

Analytics Setup.

It is essential to ensure that the information on which decisions are based is accurate. Our team can provide guidances where a complex implementation of Google Analytics is needed.

What we offer:

Analytics Implementation

We help you set up, test and optimize Google Analytics with your business targets in mind.

Tagging Architecture

We identify the optimal architecture of tools, tags and users as part of your overall tagging plan.

Analytics Audit

We ensure your Analytics has been installed properly and is capturing the data you need.

Server-Side Tracking

With server-side tracking, the tracking code is loaded on your server instead of the browser. The data is then sent from the website to the server, where it is dispatched to third-party providers. This allows for longer cookie lifetimes and greater control over data collection.

If you’re starting a new website or looking to shift your current tracking to server-side, we’re here to help. Our services include setting up the tracking for you, answering your queries through consultation, or examining and evaluating your current setup.


Advantages of Server-Side Tracking

  • More Data. The ability to track users who have installed ad blockers or opted out of tracking. Server-side tracking can bypass some of the blockades put up by technologies like Safari and still track users who have opted in.
  • Longer cookie lifetimes. With server-side tracking, cookies can have a longer lifetime of up to two years for analytics and three months for Facebook. This is longer than the typical cookie lifetime of 1-7 days.
  • Faster page load times. Because all the tags are loaded on the server instead of the browser, websites can load faster with server-side tracking.
  • Greater data control. With server-side tracking, website owners have greater control over the data they collect and can choose to exclude certain data points for privacy or other reasons.


Data Science.

In a digital world overflowing with data on customers, products and interactions, data science is shaping the way we work as digital marketers, greatly increasing our level of confidence when making  budgeting, targeting and optimization decisions.

We analyse and develop market forecasts based on correlation studies with open and paid data sources and we discover relevant insights into your customers’ behavior using modern data analysis techniques such as machine learning and artificial intelligence.

Correlation studies

Persona from digital data

Bid management algorithms

Data based micro-segmentation

Predictive analytics

Data Visualization.

We’ve worked with countless businesses using a number of data sources on a wide range of data representation tools to bring all of their data into coherent, actionable reports and dashboards.

Reporting is fully customized, based on a workshop with your team to assess the key insights needed by each stakeholder.