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TR Digital Transformation

Precise Targeting, Personalized Approach, Data-Driven

In today’s fast-evolving travel industry, success requires a unique blend of expertise and data-driven insights. We specialize in helping businesses reach travelers throughout their journey, from precise targeting to tailored messaging and creative for each touchpoint.

Whether you need to drive footfall to specific duty-free locations, generate online-to-offline (O2O) sales, or increase online conversions, we have the expertise and tools to help you succeed in the travel industry.

Our highly personalized, destination-centric, data-driven approach is designed to help you achieve your business goals.

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The Power of Data-Driven Travel Retail Marketing

Travel Signals At The Core

By analyzing a comprehensive set of intent and travel data, we can create a travel retail marketing plan that maximizes the impact of our campaigns while minimizing the media budget required. Our team of experts also closely monitors travel trends throughout the activations to further optimize campaigns and ensure success. Our approach is data-driven, precise, and proven to deliver results.

booking volumes

Share of bookings volume per week

Through booking volume analysis, we can determine the target size for each destination, which enables us to estimate the overall media budget needed for a successful campaign.

SEARCH Queries origin

Origin & number of queries

Analyzing queries per origin is critical in determining which platforms and providers to activate to effectively reach target audiences based on their nationality mix and preferred local platforms.

Booking Forecasts

Lookahead window split

To ensure the most effective allocation of your digital marketing budget, we use flight and hotel booking forecasts to determine the ideal budget split for each phase of the customer journey: Pre-Trip, Traveling, Stay, and Post-Trip.

Bridging the Gap Between East and West Media

Traveler-First Approach

Global knowledge WITH LOCAL Expertise

With teams in Europe and Asia, our agency has extensive experience in navigating cultural and technological differences between the western and eastern digital ecosystems, which allows us to create effective campaigns tailored to each market and audience.

We also understand how other regional differences impact digital marketing campaigns, enabling us to create highly targeted campaigns that engage confirmed travelers with minimal wastage of media spend.

We maintain extensive vendor lists for the world’s top tourism destinations, which allows us to offer our clients unparalleled engagement with confirmed travelers.

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The Way We Work



The fragmented travel vertical combined with the accelerating pace of digital evolution and shifting traveler behavior in recent years, demand unique expertise and the use of multiple data sources. Our craft is time intensive and 100% knowledge based.


We think primarily by destination rather than campaign, as every region and destination requires a specific blend of vendors and tactics to adapt to its specific digital ecosystem.


We pride ourselves on being independent and transparent about our recommendations. We are in constant contact with countless primary & secondary partners who are onboarded via a stringent process.

Who we are

Creating growth for leading brands since 2006

At comtogether, we embody innovation and performance in digital marketing. Based in Switzerland and Hong Kong, our agency specializes in creating dynamic and data-driven marketing strategies that propel brands to new heights.

For over a decade, our expertise and unique approach have enabled our clients to successfully establish themselves on the global stage. By combining the latest techniques in paid advertising, data analysis, and growth marketing, we offer tailor-made solutions that transcend the traditional boundaries of marketing.

In a perpetual quest for innovation, comtogether does not just follow trends – we define them. Join us in writing the next chapter of your success.

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