Our Expertise.

Navigating Complex Consumer Journeys​

Engaging Sophisticated Audiences

Since our founding in 2006, we have been committed to helping clients engage sophisticated audiences by deciphering and enhancing the complex journeys that consumers undertake before making purchasing decisions.

Our experience with intricate consumer paths in industries such as luxury goods, education, pharma, and automotive has continuously deepened our expertise. Over the past five years, this solid foundation has naturally extended into Travel Retail and tourism—sectors characterized by the layered journeys of travelers and the vast data they generate.

Regardless of the sector, our approach is grounded in a robust foundation of data analysis and innovative strategies. We avoid recycled methods, opting instead for fresh, effective solutions tailored to the unique needs of each market segment.

Our dedication to understanding and influencing consumer behavior across a variety of industries enables us to forge engaging, meaningful connections between brands and their customers.

Elevate your travel brand with our specialized marketing solutions. Whether you’re an attraction, hotel, tourism board, or any other travel-related business, we tailor data-driven strategies to engage travelers worldwide. Let us be your trusted partner in navigating the dynamic landscape of travel marketing. Together, we’ll inspire, inform, and captivate travelers at every stage of their journey.
From precision ABM tactics to reaching industry event attendees and leveraging innovative lead generation tactics, we efficiently target leads throughout the consumer journey. Our expertise spans diverse sectors, including banking, commercial real estate, investment promotion agencies, and specialized commercial services.
We specialize in travel retail digital marketing, offering a comprehensive approach to connect with travelers at every stage of their journey. Utilizing data-driven insights and a deep understanding of both eastern and western digital ecosystems, we deliver tailored marketing strategies that enhance engagement and drive sales, both online and offline.
With a deep understanding of the education sector, we implement data-driven strategies to connect with students, parents, and educators at every stage of their journey. Whether you’re a university, college, language school, or educational service provider, we’ll help you stand out in a competitive landscape and achieve your enrollment goals.
With a keen understanding of the luxury market, we implement sophisticated strategies to connect with affluent consumers and discerning clientele. Whether you’re in fashion, hospitality, automotive, or any other luxury sector, our tailored approach will ensure your brand captivates and resonates with the elite.

About us.


At comtogether, we embody innovation and performance in digital marketing. Based in Switzerland and Hong Kong, our agency specializes in creating dynamic and data-driven marketing strategies that propel brands to new heights.

For over a decade, our expertise and unique approach have enabled our clients to successfully establish themselves on the global stage. By combining the latest techniques in paid advertising, data analysis, and growth marketing, we offer tailor-made solutions that transcend the traditional boundaries of marketing.