comtogether becomes a Google Leading Agency

We’re proud to become the first and only agency in the French-speaking region of Switzerland to benefit from Google’s premium support and market data for the greatest benefit of our customers.

Amelie Rothfuss, senior account manager


Several levels of Google certification exist to guarantee the expertise and capabilities of digital marketing agencies. In recent years, comtogether has been awarded the coveted Premier Partner badge, before achieving Preferred Partner status – a recognition awarded to the top 20 agencies in each country.

This classification has now been raised to a higher level with Google’s introduction of the “The Google Leading Agency Program” for the top 10 agencies in each country. These agencies, selected on the basis of their working techniques and the performance of their clients’ accounts, are offered the support of dedicated teams at Google and privileged access to new products (still in beta releases) and market data that would otherwise be inaccessible.

This consecration of Google is the culmination of more than a decade of work and a philosophy built on technical expertise, a performance culture and the constant questioning of results, tools and work techniques.

About the author

Amelie is as reliable and accurate as a Swiss watch. Except she's German. Her consistency, empathy and her well tempered character make her an important pillar of the comtogether team.

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