Latest insights from Google on demand for Travel

New research conducted  by Google suggests a refreshing optimistic view about travel intent among people who wish to visit destinations across Europe.

Florian Zermatten, founder and CEO of comtogether


As updates on travel restrictions give hope of a travel recovery for the summer, Google is seeing a significant increase in travel intent, based on search trends, user data and survey analysis. Being a member of the Google Partners International Growth Program warrants us exclusive access to this data.

Travel Demand Recovery Across Countries

When taking a look at Travel Intent among consumers using data and survey analysis, overall interest in domestic travel has seen the fastest growth since March. When it comes to travel Abroad, the intention is to travel within 2 to 9 months, showing a longer booking window. In terms of destinations, Beach and rural destinations continue to be the favourites of our responses across all countries, and Money Back guarantee and no cancelation fees are the most important things to keep in mind. Following, we would like to provide some updates on travel demand by country. (All data on recoveries updated at 19th May, all data is compared to the same period in 2019 – Yo2Y)


Compared to 2019, domestic demand is currently up 30% Yo2Y, with overall searches for hotels up 28% and holidays up 23%. Air travel demand has increased 16%, and French customers are looking mainly at the following destinations abroad:
  • Greece +32% vs 2019
  • Spain +24% vs 2019
  • Portugal +18% vs 2019
  • Italy +13% vs 2019


German clients are mainly looking to travel on Holiday Rentals, currently growing at +45% vs 2019. Holiday packages are also showing a very positive trend, +31% vs the same period. It is very interesting to notice a recovery on Cruises, demand for this product among customers in Germany is up +11% Yo2Y. The main International destinations considered by German customers are:
  • Greece +34% vs 2019
  • Spain +27% vs 2019
  • Italy +27% vs 2019


Dutch customers are increasingly searching for Hotels, at +20% vs 2019. The main International destinations considered by Dutch customers are:
  • France +21% vs 2019
  • Greece +17% vs 2019
  • Italy +12% vs 2019

Russian Federation

While domestic demand is recovering, with Russians destinations searched by Russian customers at +14% Yo2Y, it is very interesting to notice the strong recovery of exotic destination on this market, with the following destinations showing the fastest recovery:
  • Egypt +64% vs 2019
  • Thailand +46% vs 2019
  • Italy +20% vs 2019
  • Vietnam +14% vs 2019

United Kingdom

Recovery in United Kingdom follows the recent announcement by the government on the Green List:
  • Portugal +63% vs 2019
SOURCE : Google
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